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Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 200$ – Buyer’s Guide

  • Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 200$ – Buyer’s Guide


Looking for the best gaming keyboards in your budget so welcome to the right place. Well finding a Top best keyboard especially for gaming is a hard challenge. Today In this post you will get Top 10 Gaming Keyboards Under 200 List that surely help you to select a good gaming keyboard.

Buyer’s Guide:

Before buying a good gaming keyboard while your budget is a hard task because there are many prospects for which you need to look around. First of all, You need to Know Where you buy Gaming Keyboard?

Is it the Offline Market or Online Market?

Offline Market: I don’t recommend to you for buying a gaming keyboard from an offline market because there are many fraud and scam persons around there who just sold you the old models of gaming keyboard within a high price tag.

Online Market: With the Market, I mean websites etc. Well, There are many websites like eBay, Amazon but I suggest you buy your products from the Amazon because of their fast delivery and good returns policy.

How to Check Gaming Keyboard Before Buy?

First, let’s talk about if you’re going to buy a gaming keyboard from the offline market so what you need to know before.

  • Budget
  • Quality of Keyboard
  • Functions of Keyboard
  • Accessories with that
  • Real Price of Keyboard


Budget matters most if you’re on a tight budget like 100$ so you need to be careful about selecting a good keyboard. Try to check and analyze all keyboards before selected your best one. For this just ask the seller to open all keyboards. Don’t tell the Seller to your Budget is an additional tip.

Quality of Keyboard:

If you want to check the quality of keyboard you need to do following things.

  1. Check it’s weight: If you’re a Pro Gaming and do the gaming till the day so please check the keyboard weight before buying because if your keyboard is not light-weight it’s hurt your fingers.
  2.  it’s Size: If the keyboard has a long size so it’s not more comfortable then the small because it takes time to move your fingers to other keys again and again which isn’t good.
  3. Check it’s keys: Make sure your selected keyboard has soft keys so it feels you more relaxed while gaming. If you’re laptop users so probably know that Laptop keyboard keys are more comfortable then the others.


Functions of Keyboard:

Different gaming keyboard has different functions some of them are provided Wireless and RGB lightening facility others are not. So I think I have no words for talking about this because functions are the most basic/important thing which you check first. As an advice, I suggest you not to expect more functions on a low budget.

Accessories you get:

Most Importantly you need to look at what accessories you get with your gaming keyboard because if you buy a keyboard without good accessories so you’re losing money. I also suggest you check the keyboard accessories before payment. In Accessories, you need to look Warranty which is most important and basic thing. If the seller doesn’t provide a warranty or guarantee so they might be a problem.Extra Wires because there always an issue of wire tangling so these things are important for a gaming keyboard.

Real Price of Gaming Keyboard:

As I told you before there are many scammers and fraud persons who sell your products at a cheap price. Most of the people have stolen those products or those products might be not working. So Think about that if a product which real price is 100$ so how can someone provide you in a 50$. Make sure you will get reviews of that shop before buying a product from there.

          Let’s talk about What you need to Look for If you’ve decided to buy products from Online Market?

Actually Online Market is full of fraud if you’re using it the first time. There are many fake websites that grab your banking details. So if you’re at first time in Online Shopping just buy a product from a trusted website like or

These sites are highly trusted and provided you refund policies on all products. Before buying a product from these websites make sure you check the reviews of that product. Example: If you’re going to buy a Gaming Keyboard known as “CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard” 

  1. Check it’s positive reviews and negative both
  2. Go to Quora or Gaming forums and check what expertise or pro gamers thinking about that
  3. Check your gaming model review from YouTube and watch the videos about that
  4. Read the Refund Policy Carefully


Top 10 Gaming Keyboards

Before this list let me honestly tell you that these listed are selected after checking each specific products reviews and pricing. So Please don’t expect much from those products because you’re on a tight budget.

                    DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED 

This keyboard is the cheapest one on my list. DBPOWER Three Colors basically a LED Supported keyboard that enhances your experience in gaming better than a regular keyboard. Whatever I liked the most about this keyboard it’s designed and looks. The Branding of DBPOWER inside the keys feels great.

One of the best thing about this gaming keyboard that it is a waterproof keyboard so unfortunately if your drink fell down on it, your keyboard will be saved.

It has three LED backlights red, purple and blue. Most Importantly it’s simple to operate you don’t need any external drivers for this. Just plug into your operating system and you set to go. On Top of that, I really shocked about it’s pricing because In 23.99$ in Amazon you get lots of features.                                                                                                         


Standard Keys: 104 Pcs
Full injection molded UV coated keycaps, 3adjustable LED backlights (red/purple/blue)
Interface: USB
Top cover: Plastic
Bottom shell material: ABS material
Cable: copper inner core
Product Weight: 799 g
Package Included:
1x Gaming Keyboard
1x User Manual Satisfaction

    104-key Gaming Keyboard, 19 Non-Conflict Keys, Removable Keycaps, Strengthened Space Key. Specially designed keys for enhanced durability and tactile feedback offers a professional gaming feeling.

3 Colors LED Backlit. Cool LED backlighting on keyboard, 3 colors changeable breathing or permanent lighting mode. You can adjust backlit and breathing mode whatever you are playing a game or working.

Easy to operate with a USB braided plug-and-play cable, no driver needed. Laser-carved characters, non-slip design, splashproof and durable

The user-friendly, ergonomic design makes this keyboard very comfortable to operate. Quick control can also be achieved via the multimedia shortcut key operations.

Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Mac OS.


I personally suggest you buy this product now because might be pricing are becomes changed in a near future. Looking it’s a price I suggest you grab this amazing product because they have everything for low-end gamers.

best gaming keyboards

Gaming Keyboard, UtechSmart Saturn Rainbow LED Backlit 104 Key 

Best Gaming Keyboard by UtechSmart


Saturn did a great job. I personally love the Multi Lightening functions of this product. It’s designed feels you the great because a curve design on a gaming keyboard is enough to impress your friends.

However, the main issue of this keyboard that It’s a wired keyboard if you’re playing games far away from your computer table so it’s an issue. I don’t recommend you to buy this product if you’re looking for the long-range wireless keyboards.

Otherwise, if you’re okay with the wired keyboards so okay go for it because they have multi lightening functions which absolutely enhances the gaming experience. But before buying this I again suggest you check the reviews of this product from Amazon because I surely know someone really facing the wire tangling issues.

  • 7 COLORS BACKLIT OPTIONS: Switch backlit color by pressing a light key (Blue, Green, Red, Rose Purple, Yellow, Cyan, Pink). With automatic breathing transition capability and adjustable backlighting brightness feature.
  • LOCK/UNLOCK WIN KEY FEATURES: Disables the Windows/Context Menu keys to prevent accidental game interruptions; Interchangeable Direction ↑ ← ↓ → keys and “WASD” keys and WIN keys can be disabled for gaming.
  • 20 MULTIMEDIA FUNCTIONS: With easy access 12 media keys; 104+ Laser Engraving Keys with rubber coating; Excellent ergonomic design with 10 Waterproof Drainage Holes. Marquee features are available with 9 sets of LED light customized combinations.
  • 19 NON-CONFLICT KEYS: Simultaneous operation of up to 19 keys without conflict. this keyboard allows multiple keys to work simultaneously. Let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support.


As a gamer, I don’t suggest you buy this product because of wire tangling. Maybe this company promising that we giving you an extra wire or something like that but I don’t feel good with the wired gaming keyboards.

best gaming keyboards

DIY Best Gaming Keyboard Double Colors by XSOUL


XSOUL Best Gaming Keyboard


DIY Gaming Keyboard by XSOUL is another budget gaming keyboard. The best thing I researched about this that this product comes up with the 2 lights on besides the keys which feel really best. Keys are very responsive and on top of that lights are very brighter so you don’t miss any key while playing games in a night.

The overall design is perfect the keyboard being mostly aluminum feels very durable and the keys are nice and clicky almost like Cherry keys. The value of this keyboard has blown me away the lighting of the keys was a nice touch. I may try some more of their other products.



These Keyboard have the waterproof function which is very great. The only downside of this keyboard that the instructions of this keyboard are only available in the Japanese language which is a problem.

The metal panel on this keyboard is very unique and great. Otherwise one more downside of this keyboard its weight 3.2 pounds which is little heavier but light-weight than the others gaming keyboards which have metal panels. Let’s check out its specifications.




  • MECHANICAL STRUCTURE DESIGN: have the feel of the mechanical keyboard, but better than it, the solid keycap never lost.
  • DOUBLE COLOR KEYCAP INJECTION: better than laser letter and silkscreen, solid and durable, never lose the letter.
  • LED LIGHT ADJUSTABLE: FN+SL: light turn on and off, FN+PU: strong light, FN+PD: weak light, FN+HM: LED light breath modes and FN++ breath fast, FN+- breath slow.
  • GAMING PALM REST: make your hands always in a relaxed and comfortable state, practical and personalized.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 gaming keyboard, 1 gaming palm rest and 4 XSOUL logo sticker.


At the price of only 35.99$ on, I have no words for this because in this price range you will never found something like that but the downside of this product is noisy keys, weight or instructions guide. Otherwise, if you’re on a tight budget so I recommended you this product.

best gaming keyboards


 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo BlueFinger USB Wired Keyboard 3

Best gaming keyboard under 200 dollarsAre you ready for playing the Counter-Strike, Pubg OR MORE THRILLING GAMES? So here is another great gaming keyboard by BlueFinger company. This is a USB Wired Keyboard

but one thing about this gaming keyboard I like most, It’s designed I mean look at this. My jaw is dropped when I saw it’s designed the first time. The Red Lines on this Keyboard keys feels great. a Crack pattern really enhances the gaming experience.

The downside of this gaming keyboard it’s a color pattern I mean if you’re playing games in a night so you might be missed your keys. Secondly, you know me I personally didn’t like the Wired Keyboard because of no matter what company said there always an issue of wire tangling. Let’s check out its features.



  • This lighted keyboard with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -“Risk-Free” Warranty with FREE Returns & Exchanges Within 90 Days Warranty.
  • Backlit mechanical keyboard Function: FN+SL: 3 colors (red, blue, purple) switch; FN+PB: Enter 1 color breath mode; FN+PS: Enter 3 color breath mode; FN+Up/Down Arrow: Brightness +/-.
  • Voiceless Gaming Mouse: 800-1200-1600-2000DPI; 4 Color: red, blue, rose, purple; DPI+Forward/Backward: the backlit on/off. (Note: Color and DPI will be changed simultaneously when pressing “DPI” button)
  • Mechanical keyboard combo Support System: Win7/ Win8/ Win10/ XP/ Vista/ Mac, etc; Keyboard supports 19 keys without conflict.
  • LED Rainbow Backlit Keyboard made with ABS material, Surface with a crack pattern, fashionable and novelty design


Honestly, I liked this keyboard very much because of its novelty and crack pattern design. I really appreciate the BlueFinger on this but the downside of this keyboard is a wire tangling. One more thing it comes up with the Combo like Keyboard+Mouse so you make sure you have a large space in your desk.

best gaming keyboards

Eagle TecGaming Keyboard Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard

The EagleTec KG011 isn’t your average mechanical gaming keyboard. If you’re a writer, you quickly will discover this keyboard is a superb typing tool for office work. You’ll love the feel and keystroke accuracy, which leads to fewer errors and typos. If you’re a gamer, you take your choice of keyboard seriously. The EagleTec KG011-LED Backlit mechanical keyboard becomes a natural extension of yourself during the most intense gaming sessions.



Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 200 DollarsThe designer of this keyboard is very simple and unique. If you’re gamer and writer so this keyboard is best for you. Due to its industrial design no matter how much you type or how much you play games on that you never feel uncomfortable.

It has custom mechanical switches which are the very great thing for enhances your gaming or writing experience. The EagleTec KG011 keyboard comes with BLUE LED backlighting for all 104 keys and 10 user adjustable brightness levels. The Double-shot injection molded keycaps offer crystal clear uniform backlighting and lettering that doesn’t scratch off.


  1. Sturdy Keyboard Base made off Aircraft-grade Aluminium
  2. Compact space saving design with 104 Full-Size keys
  3. All 104 keys are 100% conflict free, anti-ghosting
  4. 12 multimedia keys
  5. WIN key can be disabled for gaming
  6. WASD and arrow keys are interchangeable. KEYBOARD COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support


Due to its custom mechanical switches I highly suggest you for buying this product because of Ergonomic Design, capability and functionality it feels the best of best. A downside of this keyboard that its keys are very hard and noise so it might disturb you otherwise this is the best cheapest mechanical keyboard.

best gaming keyboards

UtechSmart Mercury RGB Backlit Mechanical Best Gaming Keyboard 

You probably heard that low price means low-quality product I hate that person who creates this misconception. UtechSmart really overcomes this quotation. This Gaming Keyboard has everything that gamer needs in a gaming keyboard. Anti-ghosting or more etc.


  • KEYBOARD FOR GAMERS: The mechanical gaming keyboard is equipped with professional blue switches, providing the most immersive tactile typing and audible click sound. No matter how long your gaming marathon is, this ergonomic keyboard always makes you comfortable.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE RGB BACKLIT KEYBOARD: With individual key illumination from a pattern of 16 million colors, the Mercury RGB keyboard lightens up your gaming night with lighted keys in a pulsing, waving and cascading array.
  • 104 NON-CONFLICTING KEYS: USB pass-through port ensures 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollovers, allows multi-keys to work simultaneously no matter how fast you type and translates every keystroke into gameplay accurately.
  • EXTREME LONGEVITY AND DURABILITY: Patented exclusive bicolor mold, high-quality braided-fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector, and aircraft-grade aluminum shell ensure more durable keycaps, reliable connection. 18-month manufacturer’s warranty provided.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY AND USAGE: This wired gaming keyboard is compatible with Win Me, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, and Win10. With 12 dedicated multimedia keys, you can use this keyboard for gaming, office, typing and more.




Overall this gaming keyboard fulfills all requirements that are a gamer want but there was an issue that this keyboard has no function of water resistant. So Incase if the water or drink fell on it you might be in a terrible situation. Otherwise, according to its price and functions, I highly recommended you this gaming keyboard.



best gaming keyboards

                Redragon Mechanical Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, Mouse Pad

Let me ask a question for you. What are you expect in gaming keyboard that cost you only 50$? You probably said multi lights, backlights etc but Redragomechanicalal gaming keyboard will overcome all your questions and answers. This is the best keyboard that I have ever seen in this pricing.

Best Gaming Keyboards


K552 KUMARA, One tough mechanical gaming keyboard. Perfect for whatever battle you might face.
* 87 double-shot injection molded keycaps are (red) LED-backlit for razor-sharp lighting that doesn’t scratch off. 100% anti-ghosting and conflict-free keys.
* Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback.
* Red LED backlighting can be adjusted for brightness, breathing effect, and on/off.
* 12 multimedia controls on Function keys.
* Switchable W A S D and arrow keys for specific applications and/or gaming. Windows key lockout option.
* Built like a tank. Over-engineered metal and ABS casing and splash proof design.
* Supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or later operating system.


Overall this gaming keyboard is best for gamers but the size of this keyboard is very small and the mouse or handset comes with this are very low quality but I think you don’t need to exceed your expectations on this 50$ best gaming keyboard.

best gaming keyboards

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Best Gaming Keyboard


Best Gaming Keyboards


Logitech is one of the great company in creating this type of products they mouses, keyboards or gamepads are really awesome.G710 is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards that allows you to write in full faster speed because of its great functionality.

I added this gaming keyboard on my list because of the price they offer, their keyboards performance and advanced lightening technology are really insane.


high-speed keys: Quiet mechanical keys deliver gaming-grade responsiveness and superior tactile feedback without noise distractions
Adjustable dual-zone backlighting: Adjust the brightness of WASD/arrow keys independently from the rest of the keyboard so you can easily find any key? even in low light
6 programmable G-keys: Configure up to 18 unique functions per game
including single key presses
complex macros or intricate LUA scripts
High-performance gaming keys: 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26-key rollover help you make the right moves with flawless precision; one-touch media keys let you instantly control volume


This is the great mechanical gaming keyboard that I 100% suggested you for buying this. Although, you need a 2 USB connection which might be your problem and maybe its enough to trigger you for the next one.

best gaming keyboards


Corsair Gaming K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Best Gaming Keyboard


Corsair gaming keyboards always surprised us because the quality of their keyboards is unique and best. This one of the best keyboard on my list because if it’s built quality and design as well the amazing features of this gaming keyboard are enough to justify its pricing.

CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM features CHERRY MX Speed key switches backed by a lightweight aluminum frame. 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback enable profile access independent of external software. Utilize the 19-zone Light Edge to add to dramatic animations and effects. Take advantage of the 6 programmable G-keys for in-game macros.

Best Mechnical gaming keyboard


  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Lightweight and rugged durability, necessary for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action
  • 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback: Allow access up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.
  • Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with Light Edge: Adjust each key’s color and illumination level in addition to 19-zones on the top edge light bar for sophisticated and dramatic animations
  • 100% CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches: Unleash blistering speed with the 1.2mm actuation and durability of gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical key switches
  • 6 programmable G-keys keys for in-game macros: Assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the 6 dedicated macro keys


The previous K95 allowed for setting a static profile that worked without Corsair’s software running. The new version allows rudimentary animation without the software running but can only do 5 static “layers” — unfortunately when configuring a static profile, each color uses up a layer, which means I can only set 5 static colors in total. This essentially makes the RGB functionality useless for my purpose and is a significant downgrade from the previous version. My Recommendation is that if you want to buy this keyboard and you have no problem with bad RGB so go for it otherwise scroll up or down for more gaming keyboards.

best gaming keyboards

Logitech Best Gaming Keyboard G110

Best Gaming Keyboard

Ready to step up your game? With the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 on your side, you’ve got what you need to play faster, better and longer. Designed for serious gamers, this keyboard puts customizable controls right where you need them. Locate the correct keys—even in the dark—with backlighting colors you can select and assign. You also have 12 programmable G-keys to help you execute complex commands more rapidly than your opponents. Whether you’re running an epic raid or fragging an enemy soldier, the competition is no match for you and your Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110.


  • Custom-color backlit keys: Personalize your keyboard and easily locate the right keys, even in the dark
  • Integrated USB audio: Headphone and mic jacks let you use your headset for clear communication with teammates
  • 12 programmable G-keys: 3 macros per key make it easy to pre-set up to 36 unique functions per game, including single keystrokes and complex macros
  • High-speed USB 2.0 hub port: Transfer data from flash drives or quickly plug in your gaming mouse
  • Game Mode Switch: Disable the Windows/Context Menu keys so if you accidentally press them you won’t get dropped from the game
  • 12 programmable G-keys: Three macros per key make it easy to pre-set up to 36 unique functions per game
  • Game Mode Switch: Disable the Windows/Context Menu keys


The only bad and worst thing about this keyboard that this is a wired keyboard which is not good for gamers. You might be facing wire tangling if you’re not careful otherwise if you’re okay with the wired keyboards so my top one priority is the Logitech keyboard.

best gaming keyboards


I listed all these products after reading those products reviews on different websites. Believe me, all of this gaming keyboards are less than 200$ which is great for you. If you’re ready to buy this keyboards so I suggest you to take action now because all the keyboards stock will be ended soon.

Final Words:

Thank you so much for your time to Lowprice8c. I hope this article will help you a lot with reaching your best gaming keyboard. If you really enjoyed this so please make sure you leave a comment and share it with your gamer friends.

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